DIY – Fastest Way To Lose Weight

It is not always necessary to follow crash diets or go hungry to lose weight. Remember the fastest way to lose weight is following a healthy diet. Just be careful what you eat, by reducing the amount of fats and sugars in favor of fruits and vegetables. By following a few simple tips you can slim down even some kilogram.

Avoid adding salt and sugar

Don’t eat foods already prepared and packed, in fact they often contain salts and sugars in order to increase the adaptability of foods. This unfortunately makes in a sense “employees” from certain foods and we want more and more. Rather the kitchen yourself your dishes, so you’ll know exactly what to eat.

Take notes

Scored in a notebook everything you eat and drink, from the fix in coffee to oil in the salad. You do not need to count calories, the mere fact of writing will make you realize how everything you eat doesn’t make you lose weight. It also will tell you where you can adjust your diet to make it less caloric and therefore better. It certainly is the fastest way to lose weight.

Reduce fats

Reduce your fat intake in different ways: halve the oil you use to Cook, use the butter very rarely, do you prefer skim milk to the whole one. Delete visible fat from meat before cooking.

Consume lots of vegetables

Consume at least two servings of vegetables in every main meal, the vegetables indeed possesses a great satiating power (especially leaf vegetables) as well as providing the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

 Make smart snacks

How do you prefer fruit or vegetable snack, preferably cut into pieces, the more time it takes to consume it will make you happier. Snacking also lets not get too hungry at the next meal.

Take your time

Eat slowly, the brain employs approximately 15-20 minutes to notice that the stomach is full. Eating quickly get that when the brain will send the signal “I’m full”, you’ll ingest excessive amounts of calories and you will feel weighted. It might not seem the fastest way to lose weight but patience is the key with ‘Time’.

Finish the meal with a fruit

Instead of grabbing the classic sweet after a meal, do you prefer a fruit salad, sugar free yogurt if you want to one unit and low in fat. You can choose between apples, bananas, mangoes, grapes and cherries.

Limit your sweets

Reduce the amount of sweets that you assume, limited to no more than two or three times a week. At the beginning you’ll make a little effort to “Rehab” from the taste of the cake, but this will allow you to better appreciate such as fruit sugars. If you drink coffee, accustomed to drinking it bitter.

Buy only what you need

Used to plan ahead what you need at the grocery store and prevail to respect the list. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, this way you will avoid buying foods only “goodies”.

Meals are sacred

Do not do other tasks while eating: avoid watching television, of being in the computer, read. Focused on food and avoid to introduce extra calories. If you happen to talk to someone while eating, make sure it’s a lightweight conversation, without question, otherwise it may not be optimal digestion.

These simple tips will allow you to lose weight while avoiding blunders that hinder weight loss. It is probably best way to lose weight fast; weight loss indeed begins at the table.


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