African Mango Benefits & Weight Loss Tips in 2020

From the deserts of Cameroon Africa to the stage of Dr. Oz, African Mango made quite the debut in 2011. As an ingredient itself, African Mango has been around for centuries and was originally used by Cameroonian warriors on long journeys to help stave off hunger.

The mango-like fruit has taken a bit of a turn in recent decades though and while it still remains a staple in the Cameroonian diet (adding texture and nutrients to everyday dishes), African Mango has made its way into the heart of Western medicine and weight loss technology.

The Method Behind the Mango

African Mango, also referred to by its Latin name Irvingia Gabonensis, is a mango-like fruit native to the deserts of West Africa. The fruit grows on a tree and while the flesh is eaten regularly, it’s the pit or the nut within the fruit, otherwise known as Ogbono nuts, that are rich in protein and healthy fats and are ultimately what’s responsible for this Superfood’s journey to becoming a weight loss wonder.

The extract from African Mango nuts are believed to support weight loss in 4 different ways:

  • Burns Body Fat

It has the ability to stimulate the metabolism and therefore burn extra calories throughout the day. If combined with a low-calorie diet, weight loss through this method is inevitable.

  • Appetite Suppression

Due to its ability to control the satiety hormone Leptin, this type of mango acts as an impressive natural appetite suppressant. Leptin is the hormone that is released when you’ve had enough to eat and is ultimately the trigger that tells your body to stop eating. Those who have become less sensitive to Leptin are individuals who tend to overeat and are often subject to food cravings.

It actually has the ability to raise Leptin levels in the body so sensitive to the hormone can be redeveloped and you can feel full sooner while eating and not fall victim to food cravings in between meals.

Appetite suppression is a vital step in safe and effective weight loss because it allows you to feel comfortable and satisfied while cutting calories.

  • Delays Gastric Emptying

Because the African Mango nut is so high in dietary, soluble fiber, it takes a long time and many calories for the body to digest. Additionally, while the fiber is being processed by the digestive tract, your body isn’t hungry and you’re able to feel full for longer in between meals.

When delayed gastric emptying is combined with appetite suppression, you can eat what you want when you want and not find your mind constantly turning to food throughout the day.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

By controlling glucose levels in the blood, African Mango enables the body to properly turn glucose into usable energy rather than storing it as body fat. This is done by increasing natural Adiponectin production which regulates internal chemistry and promotes weight loss.

African Mango Supplements

Because it is such an inclusive weight loss ingredient, hundreds of “African Mango” supplements have begun filling the shelves of supplement retailers. If interested in this type of supplement, keep in mind that African Mango (or Irvingia Gabonensis) needs to be present in at least 150mg to be effective.

You can find cost-effective African Mango supplements here or through most online supplement retailers and many manufacturers are beginning to incorporate Mango extract into their already existing formulas. Don’t take ours, Oprah’s, or Dr. Oz’s word for it, but experience the health-improving benefits of African Mango for yourself!


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