If you’re reading this, then probably you have already taken the first step. The decision to quit smoking can be overwhelming, but with help and support from your family and friends, you can do it! But before it you must know what happens when you quit smoking.

If you’ve tried to quit smoking before but somehow it did not work out for you, you can use what you learned previously to be successful this time. It can be very difficult to stop it, but once you’ve done so, you will feel better and you will be healthier!

Why should I stop smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking can cause cancer when you are old, but you know that it also has negative effects on your body. A cigarette contains about 4000 chemicals, and at least 43 of the chemicals cause cancer in humans. Some of the other chemicals are poisonous products.

Join a support group in your school or community

Find someone to call for those moments when you feel that you are having a moment of weakness and that you could smoke a cigarette. This person must know that you are trying to quit smoking and can remember all the reasons why you decided to do it.

Avoid places and situations where you normally smoke. Spend some days or weeks away from friends who smoke. Go with your friends to places where not to smoke, such as shopping malls or cinema. If you drink alcohol. The drink will decrease your strength of will and will increase your chances of a cigar. If your family smokes, ask them no smoking in your room.

Get exercise

It will your mind be distracted the cigar, will make you feel better, and keep you healthy. Planned activities during the first few weeks that keep your mind away from the cigar. It will be easier to quit if you follow a weight loss diet plan with mind-refreshing activities. Some people using hypnosis to quit smoking is also better known.

What happens when you quit smoking?

If you are a regular smoker , your body has become accustomed to having nicotine and other chemicals closely all the time. You probably feel some withdrawal symptoms when you are quitting smoking. This means that you will feel anxious to cigars or perhaps you will feel uncomfortable or nervous. Many people confuse anxiety by nicotine hunger. You need not listen to your body, so don’t eat when you’re not hungry. Do something to keep you busy. If you must eat, it’s eating healthy like carrots or celery. To get more information, look at best quit smoking health tips check the lowdown.

Follow these home remedies to get rid of smoking:

1. Chew Chiclets, this will help reduce your anxiety.

2. In accordance with the Asians, herbs and tea intake can help reduce the consumption of cigarettes.

3. Avoid routines that lead to smoking; For example, avoid being with people who are smoking.

4. You smoke one cigarette less each day.

5. Chew a bit of ginger root. It tastes bitter, but research shows it works.

6. Species can usually distract you smoking. Such is the case of cloves, the cinnamon stick or eucalyptus.

7. Swallow much water and sugar-free drinks when you feel tempted.

If you tried to quit and it didn’t work, don’t give up. It is very difficult to quit smoking and nobody knows what happens when you quit smoking. Think of why quitting smoking did not work you. Only you know why you like smoking, and only you can know you need to quit. Start by thinking about what you can do to help you let it definitely. Try quitting in a few weeks and use what you learned in your first experience to make that work the second time.

Remember, millions of people have quit smoking, and you can too!. You just need to believe that you can quit. Quit smoking will make you look and feel better, and stay healthy. Good luck!


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