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What Are The Health Benefits of Yoga?

It is arguable whether the many practitioners of yoga caused scientists to research its health benefits, or the positive results of these studies influenced more people to adopt yoga. Either way, the studies have shown that yoga really can cause improvement in terms of the physical, psychological, and biochemical aspects of the body. So, let’s discuss the benefits of Yoga.

Concept of Union

At yoga’s core is the concept of union. The practice aims to unify the spirit, mind, and body through regular physical and breathing exercises. It is debatable whether yoga practitioners actually achieve this state of the union because it’s not something that science can test so readily.

Yoga has been in existence for thousands of years, mainly in India and Asia, and, more recently, in western countries. Many people have experienced the benefits of yoga which include self-healing, serenity, and harmony with all living things. Below are some major benefits of yoga for men.

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Because of the apparent health benefits of yoga for women especially in terms of healing and restoration of the nervous system, many doctors have recommended the practice of yoga for treatment.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

The physical benefits of yoga include better circulation and heart rate. It is also capable of making the improvement of respiratory conditions; blood pressure problems; stability of the nervous system; improved function of the gastrointestinal and endocrine systems; protection and healing of the joints to promote movement; better endurance; higher energy levels; a stronger immune system, thus rendering a person immune to most stress-related diseases; improved motor function, particularly hand-eye coordination, dexterity, reaction time; and better sleeping patterns.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

In terms of mental health, the benefits include enhanced awareness of the self and the environment; improved self-esteem and self-acceptance; the opportunity for self-actualization; improved social skills; better concentration, memory, and attention; increased capacity for knowledge and wisdom; and improved mood.

The biochemical make-up of the body is also greatly improved by increased levels of sodium, glucose, vitamin C, cholesterol, serum protein, white blood cell count, and hemoglobin.

Gives Flexibility & Core Strength

The poses and physical exercises of yoga have also been shown to be effective in improving the flexibility, lubrication, and strength of the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Another interesting, and no doubt beneficial, aspect of yoga is its capability to massage the glands and internal organs, including those which receive little or no stimulation such as the prostate gland. This improves the condition of the organs and their systems. Thus,


Yoga techniques have also been used for detoxification. The constant flexing and contracting of the muscles to assume yogic positions increase blood circulation to every part of the body. Because of this, toxins are eliminated more effectively and the effects of aging are postponed for a long period of time.


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