Why The Dual Camera As Standard Feature Is A Big Deal?

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When the dual camera first made its appearance in smartphones way back in 2011, it was only in 2016 that they hit centre stage, being widely touted as either the next big innovation or if you were on the other side, too much on a device that was already doing, well, too much.

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As it turns out, the dual camera is fast moving to become almost a standard feature today, especially in android mobile phones priced Rs 18K and above, and in some case, even below that price point. So just what does the dual camera do? And should it dictate your buying choices? We take a look here.

For starters, just what is a dual camera?

It is actually not an extra camera, but an extra lens in your phone camera.

Thus, based on the type used, a dual camera can help you get a sharper image, enable an ultra-wide angle mode or even help you take pictures with a shallow depth to make the main object of your focus stand out. Then there is, of course, the ‘bokeh‘ effect, where your pictures look like those sports magazine shots, where the player image is all sharp, but the background is blurred out, lending an undeniable quality to the picture.

At times, the dual camera setup can also help to add 1x or 2x optical zoom to the best android phone in your hands. And optical zoom, as we all know, is precious, vis a  vis digital zoom which is pretty much useless for any serious photographer.

But don’t imagine that just having dual cameras will solve all your picture problems. While a good dual camera will definitely make for better pictures, truly great pictures depend on a variety of other factors too. So the whole package matters.  Sensor size, aperture size (which determines the light that is allowed to get in) and even post-processing matters, which is something you will see in fairly high end phones for now.

So what’s the quick verdict on dual cameras?

If you are not a heavy camera user or use it as a casual tool, we would suggest not getting too hung up on the dual cameras if you are in the market for a decent phone. A Dual camera as a key factor will start to matter if you take your pictures seriously, and whats more, plan to, or actually use your android mobile phone camera for a lot of those pictures.

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Quick prediction for 2018

Following the usual law of more features and same prices on smartphones, we predict that the dual cameras will go mainstream on the front too in 2018, which will mean that your selfies will benefit from this nifty feature. Once that happens, feel free to ignore the advice on not paying attention

One thought on “Why The Dual Camera As Standard Feature Is A Big Deal?”

  1. Adam says:

    Well, for a common consumer it might be an interesting product. A professional photographer will still keep its professional DSLR. But it sounds interesting.

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