Four Indispensable Home Remedies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Must Be Taken Advantages of

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Are you having difficulties to cope with hidradenitis suppurativa? Have you paid too much time and effort to this problem? Do you need to find a new treatment for such an annoying disease? Then home remedies for hidradenitis suppurativa must be taken advantages of.

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What is hidradenitis suppurativa?

Among the scientific name of this disease, many people are not aware of what it is or how it is going to annoy our physical and mental health. So, what is Hidradenitis suppurativa? It is a skin problem occurs for a long time in the form of lumps, usually after the puberty time. It normally exists in a group of subcutaneous dots which are very painful and unpleasant. Inside those lumps would consist of fluid, when the lumps open, fluid and smell would be the thing that you usually get used to.

The ideal homeland for this is sensitive and hard-reaching locations among your body, for instance, underarms, buttocks, groin, under the breasts… For this reasons, you might automatically understand what the elements would be to alleviate this situation. Because it is very sensitive to humidity, wet environment, heat, therefore, you should keep those places in body dry, also the clothes.

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Because it is not healed for 100%, then it would leave scars throughout the places that affected. That’s not the only reason that makes people very shy or embarrassed when talking about this. Also, happening in those areas which are deeply sensitive and hard to reach is one of other reasons. That is not hard to understand why many of them choose not to let the cat out of the box and cope with it alone.

We are excessively sorry for informing you that even the most modern technologies or most talented doctors still haven’t found any 100% healing process for this medical situation. That means you have to deal it with temporary treatment.

When you are dealing with hidradenitis suppurativa, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal would be those anti-properties must be on the list due to the more and more vulnerable areas. Then they have better to use natural treatments because of unwanted chemical substance inside manmade products in the market.

Hygiene –an essential factor

As we talked earlier, humidity, moisture, heat are among those deeply relating to hidradenitis suppurativa. So if you don’t want to worsen the bad-already situation, you should follow the rules. Keeping things you do is in the cleanest condition: Clothes, even washing machine. Because if your washing machine is old and has not been cleaned for a long time, then the bacteria or fungus would find it an ideal repository.

On the other hand, you might pay more attention to the thing that you are using while taking a bath. You should replace and keep towels to be in the best condition and for each suffered areas. Anti-properties are things should be inside your bathroom.

Remember to clean yourself carefully, and do not let it wet or sweat.

Tea bags

When the dots are turning to red color and begin to swelling, it hurts, and you need to sweep away that feeling. Then tea bags should be the thing was born for this situation. Not only helps to relieve the pain or swelling period, but it also provides substance to ease the sticky condition if the lumps are broken.

Using tea bags would not be the donkey work. All you need to do is apply the bags that are already dipped into hot water for a minute. The heat inside the bags is going to cure the painfulness, as well as the sticky status. And substance within tea would be long term treatment for scars left by hidradenitis suppurativa.

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Bath with warm water or with mixture of oil

Warm water is healthy for your health condition if you have hidradenitis suppurativa. It has the function of ease the period of painful and helps you to get rid of the sticky moments. For that reasons, physical and mental health would be somehow promoted.

If you want to make sure whether warm water could cause heat so it supports more bacteria, fungus to harm the sensitive places, then you can combine some olive oil or tea tree oil, or any kind includes anti-properties. However, before doing this, you should be aware of what oil would not cause allergies or side effects for the medical condition for you.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a panacea can be planted in your house. Aside from other illness treatment, hidradenitis suppurative can be healed by aloe vera. HS can be partially treated or prevented from spreading out by anti-properties. Fortunately, all is in aloe vera, which consists of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. You can apply the aloe vera on the areas which are infected to get it cured and get rid of scars.

It would be better if you do take out the gel from the leaves of yourself. It is acceptable when you go to the supermarket to buy in products. We just inform you that in such products may consist some chemical substance to keep it fresh and hygiene. Therefore, please consider if you want to choose which method.

The last words

We would like to share with you some other things that you should now do such as smoking. Should you quit smoking, if you don’t want to alleviate the phenomenon.  Those remedies above are essential tips that should apply every day beside the medicines that doctors give to you. If you feel any abnormality, you should stop using those right away and go to see the doctor.

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