Designing an E commerce App? Check Out This Quick Guide

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Introduction To Designing an E commerce App

People’s way of doing things changes as the time flies by. They don’t seem to be as reluctant to shop online in 2017 as they used to back in 2010. With the inception of countless E commerce app or applications for smartphones, web E commerce portals are not the only way to shop online.

The worldwide sales through E commerce application are anticipated to touch $160 billion by the end of this year, opening up a number of opportunities for leading mobile app development companies in USA.

Even after increased appreciation of people to mobile E commerce app, not more than a few businesses seem to take this platform seriously. Statistics suggest that only 10% of online store owners actually go for a mobile app counterpart of their business.

Why Will People Go for Mobile Shopping in the Future?

People were tired of roaming around giant supermarkets for hours just to buy a few household items. As a result, they opted for online stores. Later, the life became more fast-paced and mobile devices were the best choices to order the products online. From a few million dollar, the mobile worldwide sales went up to billions and still growing.


Drawbacks of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices don’t have as big of screens as desktops or laptops. On a regular website, you can enlist a brim of products without worrying about its increasing heaviness. In contrast, you don’t have much space on mobile devices to put up everything. Also know the top 6 upcoming smartphones in 2018.

It should be easy for mobile shoppers to buy the things they want. Hence, cut up the long list of products to keep it from breaking down. It will not only keep your mobile website’s load low but, at the same time, it will also help increase its response rate.


Let Your Customers Navigate around Without Efforts

Your customers’ onboarding and in-app experience define for how long it will survive in the cut-throat competition of the online world. Offer your users a quick tour when they first open your app. It will help them in getting familiar with the app.

Another aspect to take into consideration is optimizing your catalog’s drop down list. Your website’s drop down menu isn’t going to work on mobile devices if not optimized. What works better on smartphones is a drop down menu covering the entire screen width. Hence, ask your mobile app development services to reconstruct the drop down menu.

Along with the aforesaid features, also make sure to keep your design time-saving. You aim should be to make navigation quick, saving your customer’s time while keeping them on your app for long.

Designing an E commerce App? Check Out This Quick Guide
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Designing an E commerce App? Check Out This Quick Guide
There are many ways to design an E commerce app. If done correctly, an E commerce app could be a blessing for your company. For more click here.
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