Cycling in New York: A Beginner’s Guide

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Cycling in New York

New York is often considered the ultimate urban jungle and it certainly could be intimidating for someone who has never lived in such a busy city. Nonetheless, New Yorkers are experts when it comes to fooling the heavy traffic and according to a recent U.S. Census study, there are 22,686 people who prefer riding a bike to work.

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While it sounds like a great plan, New York is a harsh place and lots of accidents happen on a daily basis. However, this should not affect your decision to ride a bike. Stick to the following rules and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe bike ride in the Big Apple. Here goes the biking in NYC tips:

Always wear protection

Despite the fact that there are no laws about wearing a helmet, you should never go for a bike ride New York without one. Even experienced riders need to prevent any possible incidents and protect their heads. After all, even if you trust your skills, you should never rely on other people when it comes to your safety.

When choosing the right helmet, you should pay attention to the size and make sure it’s a perfect fit. Once you set the straps, the helmet should not move more than an inch off your head. That’s when you know it’s your size. So the bottom line is always wear helmet while cycling in New York.

Find a safe route


Regardless of your route, study the city map and choose the path that is closest to a park. New York traffic is something you should definitely avoid, if possible. Besides the safe bike lanes, parks have a better view that will definitely help you relax.

If your path is nowhere near a park, just remember to obey all traffic rules. No exceptions! You stop at red light, always ride on bike lanes, never on the sidewalk, follow turn signals, and don’t go the wrong way on one-way streets. Don’t break the laws just because you’re cycling in New York.

Listening to music is dangerous

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If you insist on adding extra thrill and if you must listen to your jam while cycling the New York streets, never plug both earbuds. You need to hear what’s going on around you because once again, you cannot rely on others to take care of your safety. Also, you should never check your phone or try to browse vuelta while riding a bike as it can lead to an accident.

For some, riding along cars is like riding a roller coaster, but you need to practice and get used to the feeling of having fast vehicles pass you. If anything happens and you find yourself injured in a cycling accident, you must call 911 immediately and take pictures of the damage.

To conclude, cycling in New York City doesn’t have to be scary and if you follow these common-sense rules, you should have a wonderful time. If you’re serious about cycling and you wish to make it your permanent transportation method, you could sign up for local bike groups and talk to professionals. You’ll get the chance to learn from people who have experienced all kinds of situations in traffic and they will surely guide your biking journey on the NY streets. For more information about us, kindly visit the about us page.

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