Cryptography: A Key to Digital Security

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As the world is becoming more technology friendly it is becoming easy for hackers to get control of our accounts. Internet banking and online payments are always susceptible to ransomware attack. So the duty of the cryptologists and the cyber crime officials are becoming increasingly difficult. Let’s go ahead with Cryptography now!

What is Cryptology?

It is the education of information integrity. In general term, it uses both cryptography and cryptanalysis. The word Cryptography is derived from two Greek words “cryptos” meaning hidden and “graphein” meaning writing. On the other hand, cryptanalysis is the art of deciphering without a key. Today as the cyber world is facing threats from the hacker’s around the world, the knowledge of cryptology is becoming important.

Relationship Between Security and Cryptography

Well, cryptography aims at designing encryption and decryption. Security is the most important term used to achieve your goals in various adversities. It is designed and adopted to prevent any modification and misuse of resources. Therefore, cryptography is used in network security to provide integrity, identity, and confidentiality to important resources.

It helps you to be confident about the transactions and the person you are transacting with. The main aim of cryptology is to form a language or communication system that will not provide the actual message to the hacker even if he has any access to the encrypted resources. It serves to be an important tool for achieving digital security.

Stand of Malaysian Government on Cryptography

The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs is monitoring the companies dealing with Bitcoin and has instructed Serious Fraud Investigation Office to look into the matter. SFIO is gathering Information regarding the companies involved in it.RBI recently stated that the companies will adopt this system at their own risk.

Recently, the Finance minister has formed a committee to look into the matter deeply. The committee is yet to give a judgment on it. If Bitcoin gets legalized in Malaysia; other countries will be at the receiving end of this decision.

Scope and Future Prospect in Malaysia

Our day to day transactions and important information can be tracked by hackers very easily. To prevent these activities we need good cryptographers who can write strong data code to protect the files. Earlier cryptography was useful to the study of secret learning, but now it aims at information security. The best advantage of being a cryptographer in Malaysia is wide availability of jobs in various sectors. They are in top demand in Civil services and also in technological companies.

It is a valuable and really exclusive option to study.

Research Scope in Malaysia

Cryptologists have a wide range of application starting from using basic mathematical functions to computer science topics.  They can work on both hardware interface and image processing at the same level. Just like any other education, the willingness to know more is the pillar of this research based stream. The student must be familiar with puzzles and numbers with great reasoning capabilities. To pursue a PhD. in cryptography the student must have a degree in mathematics or computer science. As it is gaining immense popularity, you can also seek help from private tutors.

There are innumerable researches going on in this field, some of them are-

  • Concurrency and Protocol Security
  • Zero Knowledge
  • Database Privacy Security
  • Game Theory Analysis.
  • Authenticated Encryption
  • Position Based Cryptography

These are some areas which will be of tremendous importance for the students in near future.

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Importance of Cryptography

It is widely used for both technical and nontechnical reasons. Non-technologically it is used for hiding messages from inbox and also for creating cipher. It is the basis for data encryption. It uses math to develop strong and secure data from malware attack.  Other areas where it is used are listed below:

  • It prevents hackers from reading data.
  • It stops unauthorized users to make any tampering with the software applications.
  • One way cryptographic functions are used to digitally sign content.
  • It protects the file from viruses and worms.
  • State and military secrets.

Thus, without cryptography hacker’s can easily get into our bank accounts, email, inbox etc.

Institutions That Provide A Degree in Cryptography

There are numerous institutions that provide a research opportunity in cryptography. All the IIT’s along with IISC, NIT’s, ISI are well equipped with modern labs and efficient teachers. For students who want to study abroad, MIT is the best college currently in this field.

Cryptography: A Key to Digital Security | How To Prevent Hacking?
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Cryptography: A Key to Digital Security | How To Prevent Hacking?
As the world is becoming more technology friendly it's becoming easy for hackers to get control of our accounts.Cryptography is the key to digital security.
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