A Comprehensive Guide to Buy an Affordable Notebook

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Notebooks are similar to laptops but they forego some functionality to remain lightweight and small. Notebooks are compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run demanding applications. Smartphones and tablets are always in demand but tasks like typing a research paper to crunching video to gaming work better on a notebook. Whether you’re looking to play games, stream movies or stay connected while traveling, the notebook is your best option. If you buy Asus Notebook online, it would provide you the perfect balance of portability, superior performance, and affordability.

Choosing the perfect notebook that will cater to all your needs can be a complicated process, given the notable differences in terms of both design and hardware that is unique to each brand.  Here is a comprehensive buying guide for you that will help you to select the perfect notebook within a budget and clear your confusion to a great extent:

Select a Size

Think carefully if you will be traveling with your notebook or use it only at home because if you are going to use it on a desk at home there is no point in buying an ultra-thin and expensive notebook. A 15-inch model will be your perfect size as it provides both functionality and portability.

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Consider Screen Resolution

The resolution of the screen is as important as the size of the notebook. In a notebook with a small screen, a larger resolution doesn’t always mean more space. However, the higher resolution does mean that text and icons will be far smoother, and therefore easier to see. Your working preference will decide the kind of screen resolution you want.


Touchpads are the foremost way you interact with your notebook so it a vital point to consider when you are buying a notebook. Plenty of touchpads don’t respond accurately to finger movement or have squishy buttons that make it difficult to determine whether you’ve registered a click.

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It is better if you opt for at least 4GB, so you don’t have to worry about how many browser tabs you have open at once. If the notebook is meant for video editing you will need at least 8GB RAM. You should aim for at least an Intel Core i3 processor, which will comfortably cope with web browsing and office work, and consider a Core i5 chip for more intensive tasks such as dealing with large images and editing and encoding video.

Battery Life

The battery life of your notebook should be your priority if you plan to travel with your notebook. It is always not possible to get a seat near the power socket in a train or cafe. Notebooks offer superior battery life as it is equipped with less powerful low-voltage processors and a smaller screen.


It is very important to consider the storage capacity when you decide to buy Asus notebook online. It is better if you go for SSD as that will ensure that the notebook is more responsive, boots faster and functions quickly. If your notebook is destined for home use and storing gigabytes of photos and music, you should opt for a model with at least 500GB storage.

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