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About Us

Why I Started Blogging?

Hi there! My name is Bhaskar, I launched TutorialFreaks on March 31st 2017 on – Blogger. This is my virtual home from where I make money and share my knowledge to help others.

Blogging is very good for those who are creative and passionate about their work. And once you start blogging, you will not have time for any other work. Easy right !!


The main reason I started blogging because I’m really passionate about it and want to help others by sharing my knowledge and experience. Legends said, to be successful you need to invest first. So, I’m investing my time and diligence into this and hope it’ll pay me big time in future.

Lets Get Started

Are you thinking of starting a new blog? do not wait. Act now, act fast and get a domain name and hosting now. If you want any help selecting the best hosting or domain providers, feel free to contact me on my email id

What I Share Here

From travel to cooking, technology to security, social to personal – Every topic will be discussed here. Everybody’s favorite “tips, tricks and hacks” about travel and internet would also make their entry into this blog.


1. Labnol – Digital Inspiration

  • Founder/Owner – Amit Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2004
  • Topics Covered – Tech Guides, How-to Guide

2. CrazyEgg– KISSmetrics, Quicksprout

  • Founder/Owner – Neil Patel
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO, Affilate Marketing

3. Shoutmeloud – Shouters Who Inspire

  • Founder/Owner – Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO

These guys have inspired millions to get into this platform. And I hope, they will definitely inspire you also.